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Some Window Replacement Design Ideas to Consider

Window Replacement Design Ideas to Consider 

The decision of what kind of replacement windows to use on your house is an important decision to be made. Windows add warmth, beauty and light to your home. Since windows are one of the most visible features of your home from both the inside and out, you will want to make a wise and practical choice when it comes to window replacement. Here are some window replacement design ideas for you to consider.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a combination of three fixed or operable windows joined together at 30 or 45 degree angles. Basically, you have three windows, one that is parallel to the walls inside the home, and two that come off the side of the front window that are each angled inward towards the room. Bay windows allow natural light to enter the room and provide good ventilation because they offer the option of having two operating windows. A bay window can become a dramatic centerpiece in the room. A bay window offers a focal point for functional and pleasant interior design. In addition to their beauty, bay windows will give you additional space by projecting outward so that you gain useful living space inside. The installation of bay windows can add up to a few feet of length to the room.

Bow Windows

Bow windows can be customized to fit your particular needs and style. Typically installed in a series of four or more, all the windows in the bow window can be installed as stationary so that they do not open and simply provide a stunning view of the outdoors. Each section of the bow window can also be a casement, double hung or awning window, capable of opening to let the fresh air into your home. Bow windows allow lots of natural light into the room.

Entrance Windows

Your front entryway is the first view people have of your home. A well designed entry way makes a positive first impression and reveals the tone of the rest of the house. Windows serve an important role in entryways as they provide views, light and architectural character.

High Windows

High windows add beauty to the design of a house and are a great way to add natural light to a room without sacrificing privacy.

Unique Window Shapes

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, from squares to circles and arches to keyholes. A beautifully shaped window can be a work of art and can be designed to match the architectural style of your home. Let your creative forces take control when it comes to window replacement design ideas by choosing unique window shapes.
If you live in the GTA, including the Guelph/Kitchener area, Barrie, Niagara and Oshawa areas, Trust Windows can help you with window replacement design ideas. Trust Windows will provide a one-stop-shop solution to your window needs. Trust Windows specialize in taking you from start to finish, providing in home estimates, manufacturing of the windows and full installation. 

Window Replacement Toronto

Window Replacement Toronto
Thinking about starting your exterior window home renovation? Contact the team of window experts at Trust Windows Corp for more information about the window replacememnt options available to you.
Our team of specialists will take the time to learn more about the unique look your are trying to achieve in terms of window design and replacement options.
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